I’m blessed with good genes” say a lot of celebrities but it may surprise you to learn that only 20% of ageing is down to good genes.  Incredibly, 80% of ageing is caused by our own lifestyle choices, like not wearing sun protection, smoking, diet and exercise. What this means is that ageing and good skin is effectively in our own hands!
So what to do?
Obviously stopping smoking, good nutrition and ample sleep are incredibly important from an overall health point of view. In terms of skincare and professional skincare treatments, you’d be surprised how getting it right really can make a dramatic difference to your skin. The trouble is often – where to start?

Expert advice

AftercareSometimes you simply cannot beat speaking with a skin expert. You won’t go wrong with a consultation with a River Medical Nurse (there’s no charge) who will assess your skin and your current skincare regime and tell you what tweaks or little changes or additions you can make to make a real difference to your skin.  Don’t under-estimate the power of a professional treatment; whilst a facial is relaxing and enjoyable, there comes a point where we need a little more help and a more results-driven treatment. 
You cannot beat a one to one consultation but here are some expert tips in the mean time!

  1. Book a Peel

Our skin cells turn over every 28-40 days depending on our age so it makes sense to have a resurfacing treatment like a peel (or a vit-illume) every month to six weeks for optimum skin health.
The best advice is not to let the word “peel” put you off, a peel can be an entirely gentle (yet effective) way to improve your skin and depending on your aims can achieve:

  • Brightening, rejuvenating

  • Improves texture & tone

  • Reduction in lines & wrinkles

  • Rebalances skin, removes acne and red marks

  • Prevents break outs

  1. Think SPF – day in, day out

The golden skincare rule to ward off wrinkles is to wear an SPF of at least 30, day in day out, winter and summer. SPF10 or 15 in our foundation just isn’t high enough.
Prolonged UVA exposure shrinks collagen and elasin fibers and causes lines wrinkles and elasticity.  It’s worth flagging that UVA rays can even penetrate through glass/windows and into the skin so even when we’re at home, in the office or even out driving, we’re being exposed.
UVB rays on the other hand can stimulate melanin and cause pigmentation and brown spots as well as sun burn. The solution is to protect the skin against both using a “broad spectrum” SPF. We love Image Skincare SPF30 Matte and SPF32 Moisturising Moisturiser.

  1. Hero/active ingredients

We’ve explained the use of an SPF but what are things like retinols and peptides and what do they DO exactly? At River Medical, we love the Image Skincare range of products which contains potent, active ingredients.
“Active” ingredients contained in cosmeceutical grade product ranges like Image Skincare, as the term suggests have higher doses and more effective and results-driven ingredients than over the counter skincare. In short, they do A LOT more than simply moisturising the skin.
Some of the hero products and what they do - explained!




Exfoliate dead skin cells, the build up of which can make skin appear grey and dull, clog pores and stop the penetration of key ingredients


Plump up collagen, fibers in the skin that gives skin that youthful, plump appearance, also harder for wrinkles to form


Signal collagen production and inhibit muscle contraction, as above key for youthful skin

Stem cells

Extend cell life

Lightening Agents

Keep skin spot and blemish free and evens skin tone


Protect skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells.

SPF Daily Moisturiser

This protection inhibits elastin fibers from breaking and causing sagging, and prematurely aged skin.

In addition Image Skincare uses unique technology that allows time release of active ingredients. There’s an onion peel effect where by the ingredients your skin needs are released when and where they are needed. This naturally allows for better penetration and far great efficacy of your product.
Our top 3 MUST have products right now include:

  1. SPF30

Nurse Ailish said: "One of my favourite products right now is the Image Skincare SPF32 Daily Matte Moisturiser. It's nice and lightweight without that chalky residue and skin feels well hydrated. Not only is it a great base under make up but guys love it as it doesn't give a sheen".

  1. Anti-ageing serum

This is packed full of Vitamin C. Incredibly applying Vitamin C to the skin is 20 times more effective that ingesting it orally! Nurse Aisling said "My farourite product right now has got to be Image Skincare's Vital C anti-ageing serum. This is a best selling product for good reason! It has a beautiful texture and scent, it's super nourishing and hydrating and is packed full of anti-oxidants (vitamin C and vitamin A). It rejuvenates dull, tired skin and helps reduce redness and inflammation in the skin”.

  1. Ageless Total Retinol A Crème

Nurse Catherine said: “This is a gem of a product, after all Retinol is the number one proven anti-ageing ingredient. You can expect results with this product: reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, a smoother more even complexion, reduction in the amount of oil in the skin, reduced pigment and a clearer complexion”.

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