The Battle with Rosacea

The Battle with Rosacea

The Battle with Rosacea

Rosacea is an incredibly common and often overlooked vascular skin problem which is better treated sooner rather than later. The early warning signs are persistant redness, red flushes and bumping appearing on the skin. Rosacea mostly affects us between the ages of 30 and 60 – here at River Medical we can help with this troublesome skin condition as we’re experts in the solution.

What’s the damage?

One in ten Northern Europeans are affected by rosacea with one of the most famous faces being affected is Cynthia Nixon, best known for her role as Miranda in Sex and the City. Cynthia loves her red wine, hot bathes and spicy food and these are all triggers for rosacea. The condition is both hereditary and due to lifestyle factors so watch what is within your control is one piece of advice.

Often confused with acne, rosacea is different in that blackheads don’t exist – the condition makes skin become red, flushed and bumpy instead. As it’s not acne – don’t use anti – acne products on your skin as these can be too irritating and can make your skin worse!

A Cure?

Currently there is no cure for rosacea but it can be treated and managed effectively by an expert in it, such as a River Medical trained nurse using the latest technology in IPL & Laser treatments. Watching your alcohol intake, spicy foods and hot baths will also help with flare ups!

Tips for Treatment!

Be Fragrance Free – Heavily fragranced products can irrate – stay clear!

Choose Oil Free products – oil free skin care products tend to have fewer ingredients and are gentler

Limit use of exfoliators – these can irrate

Our Advice

Bad skin can affect your confidence and the good news is that rosacea can be treated effectively. A professional consultation and diagnosis, the right skin care routine and proper treatment will work wonders with results showing within four to six weeks.
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