Top 5 tips for glowing skin in lockdown

Top 5 tips for glowing skin in lockdown

Top 5 tips for glowing skin in lockdown

We hope everyone is keeping healthy during lockdown and also taking good care of their skin.
We know everyone is missing their routine skin appointments and may be suffering from dullness or even breakouts during lockdown, so we thought we’d share a couple of tips about how to get glowing skin, refreshed and ready for when this is all over.

1. Go make-up free
This is the perfect time to leave your skin to breath and leave off the make up. Taking a prolonged break allows the skin to restore its natural moisture level without having layers of makeup clogging it.

2. Set a weekly skin care appointment with yourself
Set time aside to check your skin, whether its dry or hydrated - your skin won’t be used to the changes we can blame on lockdown. The lack of vitamin D, change in routine, diet changes as well as stress related factors. Assessing your skin regularly will help you stick to a skin routine, it’s still possible to give yourself a quality “home facial” meaning when you do return to the clinic, your skin will feel more revitalised than ever!

3. Double cleanse
Want to achieve a post- facial glow? Try double cleansing! Afterwards, apply an exfoliating mask to remove dead skin cells with a natural exfoliant. These are amazing and effective better for Irish skin than a grainy type exfoliated as they can cause broken capillaries.

4. Use sunscreen every day
Using a sunscreen or SPF moisturiser is so important, even if you’re just at home all day, as  UVA and UVB rays are able to travel through windows.

5. Hydrate your skin
Keep your skin moisturised! Wear a rich moisturiser at night, and an SPF day cream each day. Make sure you’re also keeping your body hydrated and drinking enough water - as this is proven to assist with cleansing your skin.

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