World’s Most Beautiful & Extra Yummy Mommies!

World’s Most Beautiful & Extra Yummy Mommies!

World’s Most Beautiful & Extra Yummy Mommies!

Here at River Medical HQ we’re delighted to hear that the recently voted Most Beautiful Woman in the world, Gwyneth Paltrow admits that she’s ‘not perfect’ (well she’d have to say that wouldn’t she?). The uber woman with the looks, bank balance, rock star hubby, killer body AND own lifestyle channel (yes that’s the very successful blog and cookbooks) goes to great lengths to keep it all together in the anti ageing stakes (with shed loads of help we’re sure on the home front too). In this months’ Harpers Bazaar, Gwyneth reveals that she’s had a little help from a dermatologist with the super skin care treatment Thermage.


Here at River Medical we’ve been raving about this treatment for a while now because it goes deep into the layers of the skin for a mega boost of collagen, has no downtime and lasts for up to 5 years. Gwyneth may be too perfect for some with people really being divided into the ‘is she too smug has it all’ brigade and ‘I want to BE her’. In a recent interview on Amanda De Cadenets talk show, the Conversation, Ms. Paltrow even revealed some saucy relationship secrets between her and Chris Martin!!


But what Gwyneth brigade you fall into you have to hand it to Gwynnie, she’s keeping it very interesting for us peeps!


Mommy Makeover


Okay I don’t know how to raise this but it’s coming from America so will hit these shores quite soon we think.


It’s the Mommy Makeover and it’s a Surgical combo of a breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and a little lipo. This gets your pre baby body back and there are thousands of testimonials from delighted mommies in America.


Here at River Medical we’re already helping lots of gorgeous Irish ladies to get back to pre babies through using Coolscuplt on their ‘pregnancy pooch’, this piece of fat which hasn’t left with the baby. Coolsculpt is FDA approved (very important as this proves it works, there are lots of copies on the market so be really careful where you go), removes between 20-40% of the fat, and only takes between 1 and 3 hours. Perfect for the tummy the fat is literally cooled away using a non invasive applicator which is applied to the skin while you catch up on the latest glossies, surf the net or watch some TV here at River Medical. Our thoughts on the Mommy Makeover are varied from some of us loving the full treatment to others thinking it’s a bit extreme but obviously we can talk to you about any or all the help here at River Medical!Android TV Box
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